1 star restaurant in Morbihan, le Maubourg

The Relais et Châteaux le Château de Locguénolé houses within its walls the 1 star restaurant in Morbihan, le Maubourg. Perfectly integrated into the atmosphere of the place, it welcomes you in an elegant and typically Breton setting in order to sublimate the regional products and offer you an incomparable table.

Restaurant in Morbihan 1 star, a magnificent table

From morning to night, the know-how of the team of Jérémie Louis, the young chef of the place, offers you a real gustatory stroll in Brittany. In the morning, the guests of the Locguénolé hotel enjoy a particularly varied buffet where Breton specialties, pancakes, salted butter and other treats have their place. Organic and gluten-free products are also available at the table to guarantee that everyone can eat according to their desires. For lunch and dinner, this 1-star restaurant in Morbihan takes you on a journey of discovery of modern, inventive cuisine, but which does not deny its traditions and love of good regional products. Don't ask for the menu weeks in advance, the chef loves to play with new arrivals and seasonal products to surprise you day after day. It is this love of the product and his talents, worked with famous chefs such as Jean-François Piège or Philippe Etchebest, that allow him today to manage the kitchen of a 1 star restaurant in Morbihan.

1 star restaurant in Morbihan, more than a table

The table at the Château de Locguénolé is worth coming to even if you are not a guest of the hotel. One comes there for the plate as for the place, quite simply splendid. Just like the hotel, the 3 reception rooms have kept their Breton atmosphere which makes the charm of this 1 star restaurant near Lorient. The wood, omnipresent, the stones on the wall, the tapestries worthy of a castle, all this contributes to an exceptional setting. The atmosphere is hushed, elegant, but without being stuffy. This 1 star restaurant in Morbihan can be partially or totally privatized for private or professional events. You will thus offer to your guests a framework with the height of the attention which you carry to them.

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