Michelin star restaurants Brittany France, settle down in Maubourg

If Brittany is a land of starred restaurants, few know how to offer such refined cuisine in such an exceptional setting. It is however the case of the Michelin star restaurants Brittany Le Maubourg, the table of the Château de Locguénolé.

Starred restaurant in Brittany, the exception becomes the rule.

A Michelin star restaurants Brittany France must already charm you before you even sit down at the table. It's a successful bet for Le Maubourg, famous restaurant in Morbihan. You will take a seat in one of the magnificent reception rooms of the establishment. A chatelaine atmosphere, the view on the sea arm overhanging the castle, the possibility to privatize for your professional or private events, here is already something to be seduced. It is then the plate of this Michelin star restaurants Brittany that will make you melt with pleasure. The chef Jérémie Louis honors the Quimperlé region through products from the land and the sea. He owes his inventive cuisine to his mentors, who worked for the restaurants of Philippe Etchebest and Jean-François Piège. His love of products and seasons, he owes it to a region so rich in gastronomy. The plate, he owes it to his talent and that of his brigade which accompanies him daily.

Gastronomic restaurant Brittany Michelin guide, more than an astonishing table

You can't come out disappointed from a lunch at Le Maubourg, this Michelin-starred restaurant in Brittany. But the catering service of the Château de Locguénolé goes further by also offering an exceptional breakfast. The freshness of Morbihan products, honey harvested in the park of the castle, a variety of proposals to suit all breakfasts, we are under the spell and your desire to enjoy the pastries will wake you up before their smell comes to tickle your nostrils. This Michelin star restaurants Brittany France is also a bar, Le Septime. Small private lounges with fireplace, terrace overlooking the wooded park and the inlet, whether in winter or summer, you will be charmed by the cocktails, seduced by the atmosphere, the decor, whether it is vegetal or whether it is the charm of this magnificent 19th century building near Lorient.

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