Charming hotel Brittany sea view : Château de Locguénolé

In Brittany, there is no lack of seaside establishments. But which ones can offer you the charm of a 4 star hotel, the richness of a historical building and a magnificent landscape? At Château de Locguénolé you have just found your charming hotel in Brittany with a sea view.

Charming hotel in Brittany with sea view, a magical charm

The Blavet is a small arm of the sea that bathes Lorient before reaching the magnificent Château de Locguénolé. The superb building complex that constitutes the charming hotel Bretagne vue mer, and its outbuildings, dominates in a beautiful green setting. The multi-century old trees in the park of the castle only add to the charm of this seaside whose meanders will be as many opportunities to take a walk. You can also arrive on the site by boat if you wish, thanks to the presence of a private pontoon. If waking up in a charming hotel in Brittany with a sea view is a privilege, discovering the region is another one that will be easy to enjoy from the Château de Locguénolé. The island of Groix, the peninsula of Quiberon, the old streets of Lorient, the dolmens of Carnac, it is all this Southern Brittany which seduces.

Charming hotel in Brittany with sea view, but not only

This charming 4-star Brittany sea view hotel should not be reduced to its exceptional view alone. The Château de Locguénolé is above all a building that has been passed down through the generations. And this heritage is never abused thanks to these magnificent rooms with period furniture, with the typical decoration of the great residences, without ever denying the modern comfort of wifi, satellite TV, premium bedding or even a whirlpool bath. If the latter is not period, it should still bring you a lot of well-being. You will also be able to relax in the spa, the jacuzzi, the hammam, in the Michelin starred restaurant or simply on the terrace, with the sun setting on the seaside, a cocktail served by the Septime in your hands. Your charming hotel in Brittany with a sea view has many other assets (Tesla chargers, mountain bike rental, etc.), but we'll let you discover them on site.

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